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8 Ways to Streamline Your Office 365 Environment with Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services

Did you know that 80% of companies and enterprises migrated to Microsoft 365 managed services in 2022? Significantly, there has been tremendous growth in the users for the year 2022. You have to admit the fact that migrating your workload to a new program is time-consuming and expensive but streamlining your Office 365 environment can pour in much more profits than ever expected.

How do you do that? This is the question that every organization has had and has thought about during the migration process. Having a better understanding of the migration plan is important to escape from revenue loss and decrease employee productivity.

This article provides you with information regarding streamlining Office 365 business environment with O365 managed service providers.

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8 Ways to Streamline Your Business with Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services

  1. Get to understand business requirements
  2. Plot a communication & change management plan
  3. Gather a cross-functional team
  4. Choose to consider Office 365 managed service features
  5. Get consultation from Office 365 managed service providers
  6. Have a checklist of O365 migration implementation plan
  7. Manage the records accurately
  8. Choose the best O365 managed service provider


Get to understand business requirementsOffice 365 managed services

  • Prior to considering several factors for migrating workload to Microsoft Office 365 managed services, conduct an analysis that defines your organization’s requirements. Every organization is unique and prefers unique requirements, so evaluate what is best for your business.
  • The process includes conducting a review of your present IT infrastructure, ensuring proper alignment of security and compliance, and choosing to go for a seamless migration process.
  • When you have a complete review of your IT infrastructure, it brings a detailed report on the current system and how it supports Office 365 migration services.
  • It requires the following information:
  1. Information of the server
  2. Network architecture
  3. Directory design
  4. Email software and
  5. Security solutions
  • After you gather the complete information, ensure proper compliance with M365 managed service requirements.
  • If you require additional support, consult O365 migration service experts to help you understand the process.

Plot a communication & change management plan

  • Compatibility is the main goal of your migration plan, and once you have achieved it, have keen eyes on communication and change management.
  • Analyze the means of communication or the communication channels to manage your Office 365 environment with your support system.
  • The communication plans usually include how businesses are ready to introduce the new system to their employees, as it is very vital to understand their accessibility with applications and tools.
  • Maintain a clear communication pattern to convey changes and provide a streamlined transition to Microsoft 365 managed services. Also, the change management plan is crucial when bringing any change in the organization as it allows you to execute a plan for the organizational change.
  • This helps you evaluate the impact of the changes and organizational readiness that eventually defines the future of your business.

Gather a cross-functional team

  • When you think of migrating to Office 365 managed services, your major steps should involve gathering a cross-functional team. Gathering a cross-functional team promotes continuity across your business.
  • The payroll department in your Office 365 is different from the use of the legal department. There are some confidential considerations that can be discussed with the legal department, where marketing requires considerable applications or tools.
  • Gathering a cross-functional team must include members from different departments that can create innovative processes with an outstanding planning process.

Choose to consider Office 365 managed service features

  • Microsoft O365 managed service features are more than what you think! They play critical roles as it has several features including office 365 applications and calendars.
  • Choose to select the features that your organization would require and decide the following that works the best for your business.
  • You have the option to choose the features partially as well. For instance, Outlook is offered at the base price, and the Microsoft application offers a distinct business application to manage appointments and organize things.
  • Understand the specialty of each application and get to know what is best for your organization to migrate your workload to Office 365 managed services.
  • Be deliberate in getting to know what works best for your organization because there will be no use if you think the resource is useful and do not use them, it might not be efficient.

Get consultation from Office 365 managed service providers

  • At some point in time, if you are stuck with a time-consuming and complex workload during the migration process, it is time to consult an expert and make plans for your change management.
  • The process requires software expertise and the benefits of migrating to M365 cloud services must be convincing and reasonable.
  • Working with perfect expertise will be an add-on benefit that helps your business grow and leverage the power of automation in a more efficient and flexible manner.
  • Try to get consultation from experts to initiate a seamless cloud migration process.

Have a checklist of O365 migration implementation plan

  • To have a precise Office 365 migration process, there must be a strategy to implement better ways that make the process efficient instead of time-consuming and complex.
  • Initially consider the migration for a small group that uses the system for a few weeks and finds issues. Based on them try to migrate the whole business into the cloud.
  • Businesses or organizations can choose to migrate to O365 managed services in various stages over several months. Choose the best strategy that your organization requires as it allows you to manage communication and errors at the same time.
  • Ask these questions if you want a right migration plan:
  1. If you want to migrate all at once or prefer stages?
  2. If you want to migrate your data, at once or over time?
  3. Who are your primary users and how can you make the migration seamless?
  4. What is the data that need not be migrated?

Manage the records accurately

  • Managing the records can be a crucial part of the migration strategy, So, follow a plan to manage the records accordingly. Try to note the records you need to migrate including emails, client documents, calendars, and others.
  • While migrating confidential data, these things should be considered as well. Have an information plan to set these records as it can also add details on how your organization and departments can save the information.
  • You need not migrate all the information at a time, you can also transfer it in stages. It saves a lot of work and time. Analyze the records and get to know what should be migrated first and how can it be done?
  • Consider Office 365 migration services according to your business to deal with data expiration.

Choose the best O365 managed service provider

  • Get prepared for data breaches with a well-performing Office 365 business premium They can prevent you from cyber-attacks as they provide technical support from experts in their field.
  • These Microsoft 365-managed service providers will guide you through reducing various errors with advanced disaster recovery and well-defined migration process.
  • Implement the best O365 managed service strategies to support your organization with the best and most supportive migration plan who can assist you with end-to-end services.


Migration to cloud services can be challenging and especially for small & medium organizations. Worry less! You will have experts to deal with your migration process. Microsoft Office 365 managed service providers can bring the best for your business with all workloads shifted to cloud through seamless and flexible transitioning. So, when are you choosing one?

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