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Fashion Forward Grooms: 5 Tips for an Indian Wedding

One of the most significant days in the life of a groom to be in Indian culture is the day of the wedding. Today is a day when he feels the need to look his absolute best and make a strong impression. Even though the traditional Indian attire is steeped in history and culture, grooms who are concerned with their appearance are seeking for something more. In recent years, indo-western menswear has seen a rise in popularity due to the fact that it provides a distinctive combination of conventional and contemporary fashions. In this article, we will discuss five fashion tips for Indian gentlemen who want to make a statement on their wedding day. These tips are specifically geared toward Indian wedding.



  1. Think about dressing in an Indo-Western style.


Grooms who want to make a statement with their attire are well served by considering the indo-western style, which strikes the ideal balance between conventional and modern looks. An outfit that is considered to be “Indo-western” typically consists of a coat or jacket worn with dhoti pants, churidar pants, or even jeans. This fusion outfit is ideal for grooms who want to make a fashion statement because it provides a contemporary take on traditional Indian dresses and combines the two styles.



  1. Experiment with colors


Although bright hues such as red, gold, and green are common in traditional Indian nuptials, grooms are free to experiment with a wide range of colors for their big day. Soft, pastel tones such as lavender, peach, and mint green are becoming more and more popular in Indian nuptials because they provide an appearance that is both contemporary and up-to-date. Consider adding splashes of color with your accessories, such as a multicolored turban or pocket square, if you are not quite ready to break too far away from established norms and customs.


  1. Pay attention to the details
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding

The finer points of your getup have the potential to make all the difference. To lend an air of refined elegance to your getup, you might want to think about accessorizing it with a brooch, a lapel button, or a pocket square. You could also add some character to your outfit by accessorizing with a watch, some cufflinks, or a pair of eyeglasses. If the groom is going to be wearing a turban, you might want to consider accessorizing it with a feather or a jewel to make it stick out.


  1. Don’t be hesitant to combine and contrast different styles


Blending classic elements with more up-to-date silhouettes can help grooms achieve an appearance that is all their own. You could, for instance, combine a traditional sherwani with a more up-to-date blazer, or you could wear a Nehru jacket with jeans. You can construct a one-of-a-kind look that is reflective of your individual sense of style by mixing and matching different items.


  1. Dress for ease of movement


Finally, consider that comfort is key. Weddings can be a long day, and you don’t want to be uncomfortable in your outfit. When choosing Men’s Ethnic Wear, consider the fabric and the fit. Choose loose-fitting garments made of breathable materials such as silk, linen, or cotton to ensure that you remain calm and at ease throughout the day. Also, make sure to wear your shoes a few times before the major event to prevent blisters and other painful foot problems.


Things to Consider When Purchasing Custom Groom Outfits


The sooner you begin to think about your wedding attire, the better. To have a realistic time frame for all the customizations, speak with a designer for a few months in preparation. In order to ensure a smooth process and flawlessly coordinated attire, it is a good idea to have both the bride’s and the groom’s outfits designed at the same boutique. Share your vision board, wedding motif, and design preferences with the designer, and they will work with you to choose the most attractive looks for all of your wedding-related events.




When it comes to what they should wear on their wedding day, Indian grooms have a wide variety of choices to choose from. There is a wide variety of clothing available to choose from, ranging from classic to modern designs. The grooms who are fashion-forward and want to make a statement are the perfect candidates for indo-western menswear because it provides a one-of-a-kind blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Grooms can create a one-of-a-kind and fashionable look that not only honors their cultural heritage but also represents their own personal sense of style by taking into consideration the following five fashion tips. Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to be authentic to who you are and to dress for comfort. With these pointers, you’ll be able to steal the show on your big day and leave an impression that won’t soon be forgotten.


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