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6 Night Routine to cultivate

Night rest is important to health. Having a restful night’s sleep helps set the next day for success. The activities we engage in before bedtime, also known as sleep hygiene, have a significant impact on both the quality and as well the quantity of our rest. It is important to have a consistent nighttime routine in which you allow yourself at least an hour before bedtime to wind down. An hour to an hour half prior to bedtime, the golden rule is to do something that’s relaxing for the body and calming for the mind.going to bed

I know you are wondering what a night routine entails. This is tempting, but it deteriorates your quality of sleep, affecting your productivity the next day. A good night’s sleep is an essential condition for a successful morning and a productive next day. Here are a few tips on things to tidy up within half an hour time before nighttime.

Make your to-do list: Putting down the activities of the next day in writing helps establish peace of mind for you to sleep better. A list of what to do also sets the mind at clarion for the next day. This act helps to put the next day on a start before the dawn of the new day. The next day when you are to perform the task you have written, you will notice that all the tasks will be a walk-through.

Reflect on your day: A day is not complete without a due diligence check on your activities. This will not take more than 5 minutes but will have a tremendous effect on your personal development. Start by acknowledging one or two things you wish you did better and end with the wins you had. Write lingering thoughts clouding your head in a journal to free your head from worries.

Pick up a book and read: This is the best therapy for persons who find it difficult to sleep. Another better alternative to looking at your phone is reading, and this act will help you practice reading daily; you will learn new stuff, get inspired, and come up with new ideas.

Practice gratitude Journaling: This act will help you lead a happy life, and naturally, you will feel grateful instead of having to work at it. Write down at least three things you are grateful for. I recommend you do this every day.

Take care of your hygiene: I bet you will not wear your work outfit to bed. Before going to bed, have your bath, brush your teeth, change into a slick texture dress, then pamper your face with water by washing without soap. A silk dress is advisable to prevent your skin from reacting to the little cotton buds cotton fabric accumulates over time of use.

Practicing these can be difficult for the first three days, but consistent practice after 14 days will make the routine become part of you.



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